First let me apologize. My background is in engineering, so my writing will be terrible.

If you’ve actually managed to put effort into pressing this page and finding out who I am, thank you. Your readership means a lot to me. It also means you have an odd taste in shitty writing (just kidding, you’re awesome).

I love short stories. I love how they only allow you so much room to peer into a different world. They challenge you to see how much you can deduce, how much you can understand in a finite number of words and sentences.

I also love science fiction. Peering into the unknown, delving into what could be our future one day – both the good and the bad.

And so here are some stories that will allow you to peer into my imagination, my soul and my world. All while you’re taking a sip of your coffee, and nibbling on that lovely piece of cake in front of you.